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Some reasons for the success of this FINKELS picture framing software

The environment: Windows 95 / 98 / NT, Millenium, 2000, XP, VISTA, WIN7 Thanks to the Windows environment, we offer you a very easy software - the picture framer does not have to be a computer wizard.
Reply in just seconds The exact price calculation of one or more frames in just seconds
Stock-keeping This worksheet contains all details of every order and it can be seen on the screen or you can print it.
Memorisation of the possibilities When your customer is in doubt, you can save the different possibilities
Stock-keeping Every order will be taken from your stock - if you want it to.
Printing orders Every order will have a complete order sheet for the workshop, while your customer can receive an order sheet (or invoice) with less details.
Archiving Every order can be archived if you want to.
Price calculation You can calculate the price any way you want: purchase price, profit margin, waste percentage. You can even modify the calculation of a complete group of articles from one supplier at the same time.
  1. address labels of your customers
  2. inventory
  3. minimum stock to order your goods
  4. worksheet
  5. statistics (suppliers, customers, articles)
Logo - text and image Print your logo and a special message in the header of your order sheets.
6 extra tools
  1. price calculation of standard frames
  2. graphics
  3. network version
  4. stock-keeping of the shop articles
  5. import of price lists
  6. special version for retail shops

Some screen captures. Click to enlarge.

The main screen
The main screen
All those options on the same screen. Speed up your work.

Display screen
Display screen
Fast preview for astounding results.

4 frames at the same time
4 frames at the same time
Preview differents frames to satisfy your clients

Data saving screen
Data saving screen
Everything can be saved and/or modified.

Articles definition screen
Articles definition screen
Here you can define every article.


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